Monday/Tuesday, July 28th/29th: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

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18/07: William visits Australia House in London
17/07: William the Imperial War Museum
16/07: William visits Coventry
14/07: William and Harry play cricket
09/07: Charles and William visit the British            Sub-Aqua Club
08/07: Charles, William and Harry attend the BITC            Annual Responsible Business Awards Gala

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middletonqueen asked:
I just came from the grocery store , guess what tabloid are saying now ? They're saying that she miscarried her baby girl , they are using the miscarriage story to cover up their lies , see how disgusting some people can be


irett replied to your post: Jessica I made this gif just for you, …

who hasn’t kissed a friend in her life? above all in the teen years, well in Kate’s case it’s “friend”

I just don’t buy it cause it comes from Jessica. She’s the one that made the claims that Kate had William’s photo on her wall - after claiming that she didn’t, but of course that didn’t sell so she “changed her mind”. She’s also constantly claiming Kate is pregnant even though the palace said they haven’t spoken in years. Another red flag is the “we were both tipsy” - most other sources agree Catherine was never a big drinker, even after graduating High School and during her gap year - and with her goody-two-shoes attitude (which I believe is very genuine) I find it nearly impossible to believe she would’ve been tipsy after a school dance, much less before it like she claims it happened. At this point, Jessica will say anything to get her face and name in the magazines and profit from their once-friendship. And of course claiming that the future Queen’s first kiss was a homosexual one would be a sure way to make that happen.

She’s also pretty much taking credit for Kate’s “transformation”, saying she took Kate under her wing and taught her how to wear makeup and dress properly. My eyes are rolling so far back into my head I can see my brain cells dying at that claim.

ravishingtheroyals asked:
I honestly think at this point certain papers pay Jessica Hay just to use her name. I'm not saying she's not at fault because of course she is, but I think when the papers want to print something and the need a source, it's not our of the realm of possibility that they pay her off just to use her name for the "quote". And since she was fucking lucky with the timing of her last round of "Kate's pregnant" rumors, they're going to milk it for all it's worth. Either way, it's still fucking shameful.

That is also really plausible. Still, if Kate and Jessica were as close as she claims they were (best friends, cause I don’t buy the whole kissing and practicing for boys scenario since she claims they were both tipsy and all other sources say that Kate drank little to nothing during her early years) it’s shameful that she would use this to perpetuate an industry that invades Kate’s privacy so much and that is always coming up with silly rumours.

I would be so hurt if I were Kate. Not that any of her stupid claims are actually hurtful, they’re all pretty silly, but it would still be annoying if someone I once considered a close friend would be selling me out like that for the media, even if we haven’t spoken for years.

Anonymous asked:
exactly. and if you talk to the media every other month and keep telling them that kate is pregnant, of course you're gonna be right someday. ugh. everyone could do that.

I know, right? Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

Anonymous asked:
that must really suck when you're famous :/ random people acting like you're best friends and talking about you when actually you haven't even seen each other in years. I don't know why the media still trusts her. she's obviously NOT her bff, why would kate tell her first when she's pregnant?

And as if William and Kate, as paranoid as they are about their privacy, would keep talking to someone who blabs to the media at the earliest opportunity.

Jessica I made this gif just for you, you should feel special.

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Anonymous asked:
Jessica Hays now says that Catherine is pregnant with a baby girl!! That woman really needs to get a life! I mean, seriously why can't she just leave the Cambridges' alone!

Lol this is after the palace has said Kate hasn’t had contact with Jessica “in several years”. She’s so obsessed with her, I’d be soooo fucking weirded out if I were Kate.

Anonymous asked:
why people in this fandom want william to fail and any desicion he makes in their opinion is wrong when he chose his wife she is not good for the job and when he choshe aproper job he is lazy if harry was in his place would they do that why harry is always right and have all the suppor and wiliam is not ? iam sorry it is long question but they are really annoying

hahahaha no need to tell me, it annoys me so much as well

Cause William isn’t single and hot like Harry anymore.

one gifset per appearance → north american tour: day 10, los angeles [2/2] (09/07/2011)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a star-studded dinner to promote British film talent. Amongst those who attended were Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Jack Black, Barbra Streisand, Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Gartner, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Bateman, Stephen Fry, Chris Evans, and James Gandolfini.

"I think they are lovely… amazing. They make me smile." - Nicole Kidman

The only good thing about being famous is you get the chance to meet someone you may admire and they may actually want to talk to you too. They are real movie stars – we are just faking it and getting paid for it; they are the real deal.” - Jason Bateman

"You don’t have to believe in monarchy in the mediaeval sense to realise what a tremendous advantage they give. You would have to be tremendously mean-spirited to say anything bad about them. (…) If you brought back Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe to life you could not have had more excitement." - Stephen Fry

Anonymous asked:
Random question :What one thing annoys you most at a restaurant?

Rude waiters. Like I don’t expect them to be overtly nice and smiley or anything like that but when they’re straight up rude it pisses me off - like the other day I was at a restaurant and I politely called the lady’s attention and asked for some orange juice. She immediately turned away before my boyfriend could ask for whatever he wanted so as she was doing that I called her again so she could take his order. After he did, she was so rude and said “Ok. That’s it. Nothing else this time?” as if I had called her 50000 times to ask for a single item.

I was like what….

Anonymous asked:
Random question :What would you refuse to do for one million dollars?

Pose naked or do anything sexual like that

Anonymous asked:
Random question : If you could be a member of any TV-sitcom family, which would it be?

Oh I like this question! Not really a family but I’d choose to be part of Friends - I’d love to have friends like that, where we all hang out together always!

Queen Elizabeth photobombs a selfie taken by the Australian Hockeyroos Team at the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow

Prince Charles on the public’s perception of his role in the mid 1980s

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