Saturday/Sunday, September 20th-21st: The Duchess of Cambridge will visit Malta as she represents The Queen at the 50th anniversary of Malta’s independence.

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20-21/09: Prince William visits Malta
11-12/09: The Royal Family attends the Invictus            Games in London
08/09: Prince William visits Oxford University on            the day Kate's pregnancy is announced
29/08: The Cambridges are spotted at King's Cross            Station in London
28/08: The Cambridges are spotted having dinner

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"I’m still very much a kid inside myself"

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Anonymous asked:
OMG you love The Mindy Project too <3 :D

Yessss oh my god I am Mindy. I love Mindy Kaling, she’s flawless!

“Being honoured at investiture today by Prince William is Professor Lesley Page for services to midwifery, wonder if they will have baby chat"

— Victoria Murphy ‏@QueenVicMirror

They looked to each other for ten years - now they have George

An intimate moment between Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter, Anne, during a photocall after the little princess’ christening, 21 October 1950.

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Anonymous asked:
I once told a woman I'd just met that she reminded me of Kate (because she did!) and she sort of rolled her eyes and said people told her that all the time. I wanted to say, um, don't you realize that's probably the nicest thing I could have said to you?!

Um…. RUDE!

Anytime someone compares you to someone pretty, say thanks. Always.


Countryfile - A Royal Appointment (2013)

In this special 25th anniversary edition of Countryfile, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is guest editor. The team also spend time with the Prince on his Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire.

full episode available here (x)

how can you not adore Charles?

Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas probably! Or New Years :)

I live for new Mindy Project episodes

Anonymous asked:
I had horrific morning sickness when I was pregnant. It was like a runner's exercise -- I would take a sip of water, it would touch the bottom of my stomach, then immediately turn around and race back up. I can't IMAGINE having it bad enough to be hospitalized like Kate was in the past! I hope she doesn't hear criticism for missing events -- she's suffering more than I can imagine as it is. I hope she gets well soon and can rest. If someone is jeering at her for missing events, screw them!

I know, right? Nausea is one of the worst feelings in the world, I can’t even imagine having it in such a crippling way as Kate. For anyone who doesn’t really know what HG is, and to the media who keep calling it “morning sickness” I recommend that they read this. Even for me, knowing what HG was, this woman’s account was heart-wrenching. I feel terrible for all expecting mums who suffer, but even more so of those who have to suffer like that!

Hope you and your baby are healthy now <3

Anonymous asked:
Bella you should make a video of you and your kitty for us! <3

Yes!! I will when she’s feeling less temperamental. She has found her ultimate hang out spot, inside my closet and on top of all my clothes hahaha. I’ll post one asap!

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a car?

I don’t even know how to drive yet lol I’m so lazy!!!

Granny and mummy praise little Prince Charles for his good behaviour during a photocall after the christening of his sister, Anne.

21 October 1950. (x)

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